Tessellating leaves table top is installed!

My parents have finally (more or less) installed their leaf table top on the desk in the sunroom. The design is pretty much identical to the leaf coasters, although I had to stretch the pattern somewhat so that the vertical and horizontal pieces are not in fact identical.  Each piece was laser cut from 1/4 inch birch plywood, dyed with Procion dyes, and finished with oil-based polyurethane.  Tim has a great hand with finishes, and I was responsible for the color specification.  Ultimately, we’ll install a border around the table edges so that the leaf portions will be flush with the edges.  My parents may install a glass top to protect the leaves from the sun.

This was the original design for the top.   Each piece is numbered so that my parents would know how to assemble them.  Although all of the horizontal and vertical pieces are interchangeable, but getting the right pieces in the right places is key because the color balance is important! 

It’s not entirely easy to get the dye colors right.  Many of them are blends of different colors and that has to be done by eye and trial and error.  If I had to do it again, I might tone down the orange a bit.  I’m basically pleased though and it looks pretty much like the design.

I’ll put more pics up when the frame is up and the glass is installed.  It will definitely brighten up the space!


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