Inspiration weekend

We took a lovely minihike on Sunday to Talapus lake.  Washington is filled with gemlike lakes and many, many lake hikes.  You really can’t go wrong.  This one was pretty easy as far as hikes go: walk up the mountain on some nicely groomed switchback trails, and then bam, there’s the beautiful lake.

Washington state is truly my greatest inspiration. I haven’t been getting out quite as much as I used to, but every time I do I just crave more.

On Saturday, I made some more leaf coasters in popping colors!  I am a little bit in love.

tessellating leaf coasters

I made them in the studio space (aka the Quirkshop Workshop) that we rent in Fremont.  As I was mid-creation, a girl, about 10, showed up on her scooter.  She first asked me if I was a scientist, then if I was a famous artist.  I said no to both (although I am somewhat of a scientist in my real job). I must have looked kinda crazy with all the dyes out, wearing a utility jumpsuit and a face mask.


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