Leaf tessellation coasters!

After a hot and smoky summer it’s finally fall, and the leaves are beginning to turn colors. The shapes and colors are inspiring.

Turning leaves #Seattle

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When I found this one walking home from work, I knew I finally had a great idea for laser cut tessellations! This was in my “I want to DIY, but don’t know how” todo list for a long time.  But I recently  found a nifty program that makes tessellations of all kinds, Tesselmaniac.  The best part is that it exports svg files (which are used in the laser cutter).  I used the laser cutter at the local maker space, Metrix Create:Space. The material is baltic birch plywood (1/4 inch). Then I dyed the pieces with Procion dye .  I may apply a few coats of polyurethane to waterproof them so they can be used as coasters.

The best part is they look good lined up in a display…


Or interconnected! 


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