Matisse cutout inspired pillows

I love love love the cutouts of Henri Matisse. The paper shapes and compositions he made during the last decade of his life were at once colorful, abstract, organic and playful, and novel.  He called it “drawing with scissors. ”  (This MoMA site describes his process–I love the picture of him in his studio surrounded by all the colorful paper detritus.)

Last year I installed this gorgeous Matisse-inspired wallpaper (Matisse is my Muse, by the supertalented Kate Zaremba) in my tiny kitchen.

And now, I have  rustled up some playful pillows that mimic some of the shapes in the wallpaper!  They were sketched out freehand by moi on freezer paper (for easy pattern transfer), so they are maybe a bit more rustic looking than my muse. Nonetheless, they add a graphic pop to the area above my sofa.




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